Monday, September 12, 2016


The comfort I found in your arms, searched a lot, didn't find it again. 

People long for me, want to feel me, like I'm all theirs. 
They call me a charmer, but no one knows I'm shattered inside. 
Wrecked; destroyed wandering in your love. 

They know my dignity. 
They know my worth. 
Smiling and happy, I exhibit myself
Who knows, morbid and anguished; cry seeking shelf. 

Why I hide my torment? They ask. 
Why I'm vexed? They want to know. 
Scattered I'm, is all I say! 
Devastated from within, 
Aggravated; displeased from self in your love. 

I would cry endlessly, 
Would sleep in your arms forever. 
If only you'd meet; 
That's all I seek. 

Priceless you were, 
For you it might be blur. 
Chatter we used to a lot, 
Silent lies my heart with a clot. 
Curvaceous smile now holds a blot! 

Torn apart from within; 
Melancholic, annoyed from self in your love! 
Lingered for long, perhaps sinned. 
Offered you the whole me. 
Repentance though, you'd never see! 

Monday, July 25, 2016


Those days, when you were around. 
Life was wide awake. 
Weather was obliging friend. 
Roads were ever welcoming blooming with fragrance. 
Nature was flourishing and all prosper. 
Providing us to thrive and blossom. 
Even stars used to blush, seeing us together. 
Breeze used to sing all night long. 
Heaven was the sky, azure and calm. 
Moon used to soothe, touching our hearts like never before. 
Those days, when you were around. 

Now, tears have swept away all that blithe. 
Worn out is all the hopes of nature. 
Heart still desires of you. 
It still fantasise of seeding love into stone. 
Though it's been a while the nights are moonless. 
Now what shall I call it, hope or reluctance?
Heart says there's light in darkness even. 
Agreed the hope has burnt to ashes. 
Still in clinkers, the blaze is yet alive. 

How to even elude you? 
Don't you know to remember someone, we have to forget them first? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

She's a woman!

She's a woman. Hear her roar. 
So majestic, hard to ignore! 
She knows it all, never pretends. 
Aware of the fact, men intends! 
Try bringing her down, and fail. 
She's gonna lift up, and sail! 

She's wise, grown on pain. 
Wisdom nurtured, in a witty brain! 
Yes she paid the price in lush. 
But look she gained twice as much! 
Capable of doing anything she desires. 
See her thrive, men fires! 

Bend her much, she's unbreakable. 
Her determination to achieve, unshakable! 
She'll come back even stronger. 
Won't be naive any longer! 
She's a soul full of conviction. 
Inevitable is her eviction! 

Someone always willing to grow. 
Seeds of affluence is what she sow! 
Walks gallantly, toe to toe. 
She's an ally, not a foe! 
Might be still an embryo. 
Still a long, long way to go! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

An angel's birthday!

On the canvas of life, an angel was drawn. 
Such serene and poised, nothing less than swan! 
Mounted on a chariot of moonlight, unflawed.  
Such grace and elegance, onlookers awed! 

Sonnets were sung, much to her praise. 
Prophesied she were, of magnificent days! 
Allured and enchanted, she was named upon. 
Enigmatic beauty she's meant to done! 

Grew into something, hard to fathom. 
Existent yet an illusion, more like stratum!
Elusive; not to be confined. 
Ardent; lest a fickle mind!

Loved but lost; lost not failed. 
Intolerant to love, not completely bailed! 
Takes baby steps to consider, everything scaled. 
Yearns for love, fears getting trailed! 

Childlike sometimes, yet sophisticated. 
Adorable and mushy, when braided! 
Gallant and quirky, one of its kind. 
Someone so zesty, hard to find! 

Caressed and doted upon by all. 
Flawless, enchanting is what they call! 
Optimism is all what is required. 
But who cares, when so much is already acquired! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Portrait of a lady!

She's a free bird; high on life. 
Not to be caged, never tamed! 
Like a flowing river; pitched much fife. 
An eternal beauty, subtly framed! 
Will fly so high; if given wings. 
Like a falcon glides, up so loft!
And back on ground; because mood swings. 
Distressed or dismay, never unsoft!
Classy and elegant; describes her best. 
Like a sunshine so perfect, never flawed!
Dreamy yet true; her endless zest. 
An aesthetic angel, much awed!

Ethnic or western; whatever the attire. 
Like a gleamy star, persona acquired!
Never on time; best suited satire. 
Cupid's conspired, much desired!

Puzzled yet sensible; anyway ponder. 
Like a storm so wild, never at peace!
Uneasy to decipher; still going fonder. 
Thriving affection,  Never to cease!

Candles lit with ros├ęs; up roof high.  
In the Twilight, we'll first dine!
Like a dream unexplained; end with sigh. 
The daybreak hopefully, will make you mine!

Friday, July 31, 2015


Stunned I am, the way you bestowed upon a complete stranger. 
Enlighten me the reason of those gloomy lips.

You weren't a betrayer, nor was I. 
Still we aren't together. What to do?  
No one knows what is destined and why this happened. 
Leaving us in dismay and withered. 

The day that came without you, didn't pass without prickling me. 
Your absence still burns me alive. 
Evenings without you made me more deserted, emanating a tearful eye.   

Bit vexed you are, so am I! 
Whom to blame, for this exile? 
No one knows what time seeks,
Why this yearn went in vain? 

Loved you from the extreme of my heart. 
And lost you so effortlessly; happiness  mocks at me.
You were my forte. 
Still failed to acquire you even after attaining.

Lone I am, so are you.  
Aggrieved is what defines us.  
No one knows what time desires.  
Why we have got this detachment?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wet Eyelashes of Shattered Dreams!

The way my eyelashes remained wet with a shattered dream of being with you, may you too burn in an anticipation of being with someone. You too, shall thirst for the acquaintance, you long for!

Without even knowing you, I bestowed you with all my heart, all my love. Still all you did was show me your vicious unbearable colors!

Just like I went through the exile of seperation, tormented and grieved;
You too, shall crave for the companion, you long for!

Why I failed to understand, an accord with woman is nothing less than bonding with fire. How silly of me to love someone full of deceit!

The world wont stop laughing at you or your infidelity, wherever you'll go by. May still you yearn for love, you long for!