Sunday, December 6, 2015

Portrait of a lady!

She's a free bird; high on life. 
Not to be caged, never tamed! 
Like a flowing river; pitched much fife. 
An eternal beauty, subtly framed! 
Will fly so high; if given wings. 
Like a falcon glides, up so loft!
And back on ground; because mood swings. 
Distressed or dismay, never unsoft!
Classy and elegant; describes her best. 
Like a sunshine so perfect, never flawed!
Dreamy yet true; her endless zest. 
An aesthetic angel, much awed!

Ethnic or western; whatever the attire. 
Like a gleamy star, persona acquired!
Never on time; best suited satire. 
Cupid's conspired, much desired!

Puzzled yet sensible; anyway ponder. 
Like a storm so wild, never at peace!
Uneasy to decipher; still going fonder. 
Thriving affection,  Never to cease!

Candles lit with ros├ęs; up roof high.  
In the Twilight, we'll first dine!
Like a dream unexplained; end with sigh. 
The daybreak hopefully, will make you mine!

Friday, July 31, 2015


Stunned I am, the way you bestowed upon a complete stranger. 
Enlighten me the reason of those gloomy lips.

You weren't a betrayer, nor was I. 
Still we aren't together. What to do?  
No one knows what is destined and why this happened. 
Leaving us in dismay and withered. 

The day that came without you, didn't pass without prickling me. 
Your absence still burns me alive. 
Evenings without you made me more deserted, emanating a tearful eye.   

Bit vexed you are, so am I! 
Whom to blame, for this exile? 
No one knows what time seeks,
Why this yearn went in vain? 

Loved you from the extreme of my heart. 
And lost you so effortlessly; happiness  mocks at me.
You were my forte. 
Still failed to acquire you even after attaining.

Lone I am, so are you.  
Aggrieved is what defines us.  
No one knows what time desires.  
Why we have got this detachment?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wet Eyelashes of Shattered Dreams!

The way my eyelashes remained wet with a shattered dream of being with you, may you too burn in an anticipation of being with someone. You too, shall thirst for the acquaintance, you long for!

Without even knowing you, I bestowed you with all my heart, all my love. Still all you did was show me your vicious unbearable colors!

Just like I went through the exile of seperation, tormented and grieved;
You too, shall crave for the companion, you long for!

Why I failed to understand, an accord with woman is nothing less than bonding with fire. How silly of me to love someone full of deceit!

The world wont stop laughing at you or your infidelity, wherever you'll go by. May still you yearn for love, you long for!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lost or Found!

Found, to get lost.
Lost, still halfway known.
Found again, only to be lost.
Lost, with a hope to find again.
Found, yet again.
And again lost, this time miserably.
But here you are, finding me.
Think you didnt lose me? Think again!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Luck or Destiny?

It was a hot noon of burning summer. The sun was at its peak, throwing tons and ounces of heat. But there was nothing that could stop him to see her that day. He already made up his mind to go find her. The Forty four degrees of temperature seemed nothing in awe of getting a glimpse of her. And so, he took his car keys and went on to find his lady love. He knew nothing about where she lived but he did know that she lived nearby. After all, she mentioned it to him when they talked first and only time. Carrying nothing but hope, he drove a few miles, street by street. He had seen a few pictures of her in the courtyard of her home on facebook. And so, he thought it'd be easy to find the place keeping the necessary details in mind. Driving as slowly as he could, he went on to find the place. He even kept checking the banners of people's home thinking she too might have one outside her home of her last name. He kept on driving for what seemed an eternity but her place was nowhere to be found. Losing all hopes, he decided to go back home. But before leaving, he thought it'd be good to vent out the despair with a smoke. And just when he pulled over his car at the market, he saw something in the rear view mirror which was hard to believe. It was her on her scooty going perpendicular to him. He, without giving a second thought, freed the hand brake and geared the car in reverse. Lucky it was noon and hence the roads were empty. He took a swift steep turn and there she was, parking her scooty. He was happy to see her. After all, his mission of seeing her was accomplished.
She was carrying a book or two with her. She must be heading toward her coaching institute, he thought. But then, it would at least take an hour for her to come back. Going back home was not even an option anymore. Waiting for her seemed more appropriate to him. After all, more is less when in love. And hence, waiting in scorching heat just to get a few more glimpse of her was least he could do for her.
Cigarettes kept him busy for an hour. And when she was about to come back, he rushed back to his car and parked it at a considerable distance for he didn't want her to see him. Seeing him may creep her out and it might form an image of a psycho stalker of him, he thought.
Some minutes past an hour, she was back. She was there right in front of his eyes, he still being invisible. Even in her night suit and tightly tied hair, she was as pretty as she used to be two years ago when he saw her first time. He wanted the time to stop right there just for the sake of seeing her for a few more moments. But she started her scooty and left.
Following her doesn't seem right to him and so, he head back home. But all this while, a question kept bugging him. Was he simply lucky that day or was it  destiny that made him see her?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy. Stupid, Love.

I don't know you know this or not.
But to me, idiot,  you mean a lot.
I know its not new for you to be called hot.
But to me, stupid, you fill that empty dot.
I know you forgot that its been 2 year.
But to me, you crazy, no one else's most dear.
I know its easy for you to skip a day's talk.
But to me, silly, its another difficult day to stalk.
I know you love your body and muscles.
But to me, weirdo, your not expressing things puzzles.
I know you love to twit and tease.
But to me, you maniac, its a thing that please.
I know our late night chats are nothing to you.
But to me, dumbo, its a feeling so true.
I know you dont care and text while drunk.
But me, oh dear, it  worries till I shrunk.
And all you know is to act all cool.
But me, I hope you wont make a fool.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I. Love. You!

Let it go.
With the flow.
To you, I bow.
Just let it grow.
Do not blow.
Dont ask how.
Dont ask why.
Seeds you sow.
Be it slow.
But let it glow.
Some mercy, you show.
It then will snow.
Of love and divine.
Hence, making you mine.
Things will be fine.
We'll then have wine.
Making it last longer.
With a bond stronger.
No place for anger.
Nothing would go wronger.
For I have this hunger.
To be with you.
Because love is true.
Gifted to a few.
So let it brew.
I'll keep it new.
Like a dew.
Wont let you screw.
Whatever be your view.
I'll never be through.
Because. I. Love. You.