Saturday, July 5, 2014

Luck or Destiny?

It was a hot noon of burning summer. The sun was at its peak, throwing tons and ounces of heat. But there was nothing that could stop him to see her that day. He already made up his mind to go find her. The Forty four degrees of temperature seemed nothing in awe of getting a glimpse of her. And so, he took his car keys and went on to find his lady love. He knew nothing about where she lived but he did know that she lived nearby. After all, she mentioned it to him when they talked first and only time. Carrying nothing but hope, he drove a few miles, street by street. He had seen a few pictures of her in the courtyard of her home on facebook. And so, he thought it'd be easy to find the place keeping the necessary details in mind. Driving as slowly as he could, he went on to find the place. He even kept checking the banners of people's home thinking she too might have one outside her home of her last name. He kept on driving for what seemed an eternity but her place was nowhere to be found. Losing all hopes, he decided to go back home. But before leaving, he thought it'd be good to vent out the despair with a smoke. And just when he pulled over his car at the market, he saw something in the rear view mirror which was hard to believe. It was her on her scooty going perpendicular to him. He, without giving a second thought, freed the hand brake and geared the car in reverse. Lucky it was noon and hence the roads were empty. He took a swift steep turn and there she was, parking her scooty. He was happy to see her. After all, his mission of seeing her was accomplished.
She was carrying a book or two with her. She must be heading toward her coaching institute, he thought. But then, it would at least take an hour for her to come back. Going back home was not even an option anymore. Waiting for her seemed more appropriate to him. After all, more is less when in love. And hence, waiting in scorching heat just to get a few more glimpse of her was least he could do for her.
Cigarettes kept him busy for an hour. And when she was about to come back, he rushed back to his car and parked it at a considerable distance for he didn't want her to see him. Seeing him may creep her out and it might form an image of a psycho stalker of him, he thought.
Some minutes past an hour, she was back. She was there right in front of his eyes, he still being invisible. Even in her night suit and tightly tied hair, she was as pretty as she used to be two years ago when he saw her first time. He wanted the time to stop right there just for the sake of seeing her for a few more moments. But she started her scooty and left.
Following her doesn't seem right to him and so, he head back home. But all this while, a question kept bugging him. Was he simply lucky that day or was it  destiny that made him see her?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crazy. Stupid, Love.

I don't know you know this or not.
But to me, idiot,  you mean a lot.
I know its not new for you to be called hot.
But to me, stupid, you fill that empty dot.
I know you forgot that its been 2 year.
But to me, you crazy, no one else's most dear.
I know its easy for you to skip a day's talk.
But to me, silly, its another difficult day to stalk.
I know you love your body and muscles.
But to me, weirdo, your not expressing things puzzles.
I know you love to twit and tease.
But to me, you maniac, its a thing that please.
I know our late night chats are nothing to you.
But to me, dumbo, its a feeling so true.
I know you dont care and text while drunk.
But me, oh dear, it  worries till I shrunk.
And all you know is to act all cool.
But me, I hope you wont make a fool.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I. Love. You!

Let it go.
With the flow.
To you, I bow.
Just let it grow.
Do not blow.
Dont ask how.
Dont ask why.
Seeds you sow.
Be it slow.
But let it glow.
Some mercy, you show.
It then will snow.
Of love and divine.
Hence, making you mine.
Things will be fine.
We'll then have wine.
Making it last longer.
With a bond stronger.
No place for anger.
Nothing would go wronger.
For I have this hunger.
To be with you.
Because love is true.
Gifted to a few.
So let it brew.
I'll keep it new.
Like a dew.
Wont let you screw.
Whatever be your view.
I'll never be through.
Because. I. Love. You.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Anticipated Love!

They were new friends. Friends made up quite unusualy and differently. He used to like her from the day he saw her first. But for her, he was yet another guy "desperate" for Love. Love was not her kinda thing. She was rather too ambitious. She wanted to do big in life. And hence, she was always found behind books. She used to engross herself so much into books that things like cell phone and facebook seemed distractions for her. Not much into texting, she never bothered to install the Whatsapp. Her friends used to tease her about being so asocial. But it never bothered her much. Instead, she weaved a world of her own in which only she, her books and some of her close friends were given access to. But then, out of nowhere, a guy approached her for friendship. Being an ambitious and headstrong girl, she didnt pay much attention to his friendship but did accept him for she liked his unique method of initiating the friendship. All he did was wrote his feelings and sent it to her. She, being a busy girl, never used to check her messages but to his luck, she actually did  check the message, though a bit late. But that was ok was for the boy as he just anticipated a reply. Time did kill him first but he knew keeping patience will certainly do wonders. Wonder did happen. They talked and to everyone's surprise, they talked almost whole night. He was happy as hell. She appeared happy to him as well. But least did he know that his happiness was short lived. She did accept to be his friend but soon went back to her cocoon; after all, she could not afford to miss her studies for him.
All he expected was a bit of her time. Even she wanted to give him that time for which he was longing for, but not keeping her studies at stake. Days passed. He never failed to text or call her and make her feel special every now and then. He just wanted her to be happy, with him. Talking to her became the sole reason for his existence. He was so indulged in her that waiting for her text or call rather than sleeping at night seemed more appropiate. Even she started appreciating his fondness for her. After all, never did she see a guy so insanely in love with her. Everything was going well. Her studying and their talking went hand in hand smoothly. Finally, she had her exams which made her came out of the self weaved cocoon. She explored the outside world but soon realised how the guy was still so much into her. And so, she decided to call her one fine noon to let him know that they can be more than friends, if he still wants it to happen.
The guy had no reason to decline the fact that he loves her. His hour long waits were finally being paid the due credit. He, more than happily, went on to be with her till the end of time. And, they stayed together happily after.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Night Stuck in Library!

Tammy was a headstrong girl. Pretty and charming, yet she always preffered being a loner. She never bothered making friends and so, things like chilling out or parties were an alienated concept for her. Always found reading some book or the other, it was safe to assume that college library was her second home. She used to get so engrossed in reading that a blast across the hall alone had the power to break her bond from the love of her life, her books. Some guys even mocked  her by naming her The Vampire, she being a vampire sucking up all the books coming her way.

One such day, she was as usual absorbed in reading to such an extent that it was already midnight when she realised that she's left all alone in the library.
It was long before dusk when the librarian asked her to leave so he could lock the library to which she had politely asked him to let her stay for a couple of hours more and promised to lock it on her own. She being a familiar and regular face to librarian made him grant the permision to stay. She was more than happy knowing the fact that she can now stay there and read till the first light of blazing sun.
She, once again, reached back to the book and left the world aside stepping in the world of book she was reading.

A few moments later, she felt a mild tap on her shoulder scaring the hell out of her. She was bold enough to turn around to see who it is and was more than shocked to find a stranger guy. She never really had seen him before but that was Ok as she did not know most of the people of her college. He was all cool and good looking. A tall muscular wheatish guy, someone any girl would love to have. He introduced himself as SB, short of Sahil Baweja.
On further conversation she discovered that his friends locked him in the restroom for fun and left him inside. He somehow managed to escape by breaking the door, which seemed digestable owing to his muscular looks.
She too told him about how she was so engulfed in reading that she lost track of time, and was left here. But she was no longer interested in reading the book and talking to him over reading looked more satisfying to her. He was equally enchanted with her beauty and wit. It all looked so appealing to them that they kept on talking. In a brief span of time, the strangers went on to become good friends. Just a litle chit chat was enough to know that all both of them need is Love.
He was just the same kind of guy, even better than what she desired and fantasised about. She was no less.
They were so submerged in each other that in no time, dawn prevailed over darkness of night. Realising that soon they will be surrounded by other students having questions of different kind, they decided to leave. Silly they didnt bother to exchange any sort of their contact details, and left.

She went back home and freshen up hurriedly to reach back college, only to meet him again. She was sure he would be waiting for her at the same place, the library. But as soon as she reached, everyone else were there except him. He must be stuck somewhere and coming up in a while, she said to herself. And so, she waited. Wait grew into minutes and later hours. But he didnt come. She couldnt even call him as they never exchanged any number. Being a smart girl, she decided to browse college computer to look for his details. She went through database of all branches in a hope to find a familiar name, Sahil Baweja.
Some hundred clicks later, she came across 3 Sahil BawejaS in the entire database. Curiously, she checked all 3 one by one. Her anticipation went in vain when none of the three matched the one she met.
She felt decieved. He must have told a fake name. But why would he do that? Heartbroken, she decided to leave the place when out of nowhere, she saw him.
He was right across the hall, smiling at her. She ran towards him to get her answer but on reaching the place he again vanished.
What was happening to her? Was it actually him that she saw or just an image created of her own? All this was running through her head when she again sensed him standing behind her.

Either she was gone mad or he was playing with him. She recollected all the things happened with her last night. It did not take her long enough to realise that he, actually, was her alter ego made up by her for her own.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moment : A short story!

He used to believe in moments. All his life he lived and enjoyed each thing, either good or bad, as a moment. Some made him laugh, some cry. Some made him strong, while some even broke him. But still he used to cherish them all.
One such moment occured to him when he saw her first time.
He was lighting up his cigaratte at the local groccery store of his locality and turned around to enjoy his puff. It was his first cigaratte of the day and so, he made sure to acknowledge each puff with a never ending smokey-tail. He was so busy relishing his cigarette that he almost overlooked all the people standing at the grocerry store. A few puffs later he realised that someone was staring him unarbitrarily through the smoke. He looked around to figure out who it was!
It was a pretty face of a young girl of his age gazing him annoyingly, for he was unawaringly exhaling all his smoke over her face. While he was busy admiring her mesmerized beauty, she hastily came over, pulled out the cigarette from his lips and throwed it away rudely. He, despite being angry or apologising, gave her a wide smile which pissed her and she walked away.

That act of pulling out the cigarette and the desire to see her again made him visit the place frequently. Luckily, the very same night, he saw her again at the same place. This time he wasn't smoking. He stopped her and apologised for the morning's act.
Some more random meetings and events like that turned them into friends followed by a strong relationship thereafter.

Such was the impact of that moment on him that even after being together for years, he always used to smoke in front of her only to make her pull out the cigarette from his mouth in anger so that he can woo her back again everytime and this way, he can re-live the day he met her first.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journo's Juno: A short story

Journo was just another guy for Juno in her class. She never paid any attention to him while he used to like her, from the very first day of college. Even though he had a charismatic personality, he was too shy to convey his feeling to Juno. The fear of being rejected by her always stopped him from speaking his heart out. He always used to see and adore her with the corner of his eyes, only to avoid any awkward eye contact with her.
But one such day, Journo gathered some courage and decided to tell Juno about what he feels for her. He approached her with a cold foot and blabbered out everything, freeing his bugged head and restless heart.
Juno was not expecting anything of this kind and had a heartful laugh on it. Journo felt hurt and started walking away. But she called him out and said that she never felt that way for him and asked him if they could be friends. He agreed and with time, they became best of friends.
Gradually their friendship grew deeper and even Juno started liking him. She confessed her feelings and Journo happily accepted.
They both started dating. The conversations now became endless and night long chatting became a routine affair.Both loved each other madly. Love between them blossomed and  became so intense that everytime they used to make love, he used to kiss her tear away. She cherished this act of Journo's so much that she started fancing it and purposely shedded tear everytime , just to get kissed by him.
While everything was going rhytmic and smooth, fate played a cruel game with them. Just when they both decided to make their relationship more pious by tying the knot of marriage, something wicked happened. Journo met with an unsurvivable accident while making the preparations of marriage. He died, changing her life forever.
Now they aren't together, could not be together. He died, she survived. She lived to die a painful death everyday, everytime. All she could do is take his photograph, look and cry. But this time, he wont be there to kiss her tears away.